PMP Generation

Marie-Claude Le Sauteur, architect, M.Sc.A., PA LEED, PMP Director of Large Projects – City of Laval

Most notably, she has participated in: Directing strategic and transformational projects; The development and implementation of  a framework of governance for large-scale projects; Establishing best practices in project management; Assembling a team for urban and structural pro[...]

PMP Generation : Laurent-Olivier Martin, MPM Project Coordinator – Sydney, Australia

  While in Sydney, I was hired by MoveCorp, a project management consulting firm, specialising in transition and relocation management. Among the projects I helped steer were the relocation of the UNSW Faculty of Sciences and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's move to down[...]

Agnes Bédard, IT Innovation Project Manager, Hydro-Québec

Her background as a project manager, teacher and mentor in a variety of fields has allowed her to rack up a fair number of achievements that speak to her professional and personal skills. She is a dynamic and positive woman, who focuses on her practice’s innovation and evolution.[...]

PMP Generation : Claude Emond, Senior Partner, Les Entreprises Quali-Scope Inc.

  As a project management professional, what keeps you up at night? The thought that some people still think that you can improve Project Management within an organisation by focusing exclusively on improving know-how (skills, methodologies, processes, techniques and tools), wit[...]

Jean-Pierre Polonovski, PMP®

As a project management professional, what keeps you up at night? Improving an organization’s efficiency is a delicate compromise between long-standing knowledge which comes with historical biases, and a fresh vision that sometimes may rub the organization and its members the wr[...]