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Masters of Change

In a world fueled by change, project practitioners — the people who truly understand it — should be revered, said author Jon Duschinsky, a keynote speaker on the third day of PMI ® Global Congress 2014 — EMEA. "And yet you're not," he said. "A project manager isn't respected wi[...]

The Search Is On

For project managers out of work or just looking to change gigs, the recession and job cutbacks have made the competition tough. John Thorpe, managing director of Arras People, a project management recruiting firm in London, England, offers some tips for landing your dream job.[...]

The Key to Career Success? Relationships.

I heard it over and over again: "Not you! No way. It can't happen to you! Impossible!" It was a nice thought, but the fact of the matter was that it was happening, and it was happening to me.    To read more,  click to be redirected to Voices on Project Management.    

The Leadership Lifestyle

Recently I wrote about the  non-negotiable attributes of leaders. A lot of the feedback I received asked how we can use these skills in our day-to-day jobs, especially when we're encountering a business culture that doesn't always place emphasis on leadership and long-term thin[...]

Communauté de pratique sur la gestion organisationnelle de projet : bilan 2013-2014

Une programmation variée   Une des préoccupations du comité organisateur est d’offrir des activités variées, que ce soit en termes de sujets, d’angles ou de formules (conférences, ateliers, etc.) Voici donc un aperçu des activités qui ont eu lieu cette année :   Septembre : Le [...]