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The Customer: The most important stakeholder for ensuring a flawless transition at a major healthcare company (part 1)

Mergers, acquisitions and sales are great business opportunities, but they can leave the newly-formed companies with a challenge. A new healthcare company, formed in 2007, faced this challenge. Having been split off from its old parent company, it owned virtually no IT equipmen[...]

Tailoring Communication for Top Stakeholders

Given the amount of work involved, most of your project communication efforts should focus on the stakeholders crucial to the success of your project. And this requires answering two key questions: Who are the most important stakeholders, and why are they important?    Determin[...]

Project managers are the next-generation leaders

Org chart or obstacle chart? Whenever I take on a project in a new division or company, my first reflex is to look at the organization chart. I spend no more than 5 minutes on it, with a motive that may, or may not, surprise you: I am trying to understand who will stand in the [...]

5 Ways to Build Strong Project Teams

Voices on Project Management guest blogger Dave Wakeman, PMP, is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer and speaker. He works with businesses and organizations to focus on value, efficiency and effectiveness. Past projects include working with the U.S. Census Bureau to improve data[...]

Plan an Effective Project Meeting

On a project management forum I frequent, someone asked whether or not it was rude to use digital devices during meetings.  Some responses were flat out rejections of using digital devices. Other responses were accepting of using technology while others are speaking.