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10 Tips for Sustainable Change Management

In my experience, project managers must accept change management disciplines as part of their project management plans in order to reduce the risk of an initiative failing. And in recent posts, I've discussed how:   Project managers can  become agents of change. Managing chang[...]

A Project With No Project Charter?

Also known as the project initiation document, the project charter is a high-level document created at the start of a project and referred to throughout the project's duration. It is the foundation of the project, a basis for how the project can evolve. The charter should state t[...]

Are Project Managers Born or Made?

Every so often, I hear theories from team members on how their project manager became effective at leading projects. Sometimes they say something like, "She was born to be a project manager."  To continue reading,  click to be redirected to the Voices on Project Management blog[...]

Beat Communications Pitfalls

When it comes to communications, organizations talk a big game -- but few get it right. And that's downright dangerous. For every US$1 billion spent on a project, 56 percent, or  US$75 million, is at risk due to ineffective communications, according to PMI's  Pulse of the Prof[...]

10 Commandments of Email Communications

To yield expected results, a distributed project team must first speak the same language when it comes to communications.    With that in mind, I developed a basic set of email communications rules called the  Project Communication Decalogue. I require everyone on my team to ad[...]