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Why Realistic Goals Matter — and How to Set Them

One of the regular challenges I hear coming from the project management community is the idea that our organizations are setting unrealistic goals. This is a tremendous challenge because setting unobtainable goals can lead to project failure, low morale and a culture of insecurit[...]

Running a Marathon, Running a Project

Four years ago, I transformed from weekend warrior to running enthusiast. First, I started running short-distance races, a 5K here and a 10K there. Then I tried my first half marathon in 2009 and my first marathon in 2010. After those great experiences, running became part of my [...]

The topic of ethics at the heart of the 5th Annual PMI-Montréal Symposium on project management

Following the keynote address by Brian Weiss, Vice President, Practitioner Markets, PMI International, who will present the next generation of project managers, Carl Desrosiers, CEO of the Société de transport de Montreal (STM) will discuss major projects that will enable the STM[...]

The Customer: The most important stakeholder for ensuring a flawless transition at a major healthcare company (part 2)

This is an edited extract from Customer-Centric Project Management, by Elizabeth Harrin and Phil Peplow. Last week we saw how a major healthcare company started to improve IT service by putting in place a programme to improve customer satisfaction. The approach was approved, the [...]

Sales and Leadership Emerge as the Skills to Master

"Like it or not, we're all in sales now," said best-selling author Daniel Pink, a keynote speaker at PMI® Global Congress 2013 -- North America in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. And that includes project practitioners looking to demonstrate the value of project management.   But sa[...]