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Minister Poëti and the limits of Agile

The Minister of Transportation, Robert Poëti, was giving a speech, which I attended, in the context of a convention. Beyond a very effective performance on the importance of different stakeholders working and collaborating better together, Mr. Poëti touched on a particularly impo[...]

4 Signs to Pull Over and Stop a Project

Have you ever seen the award-winning movie Rush? In it, Austrian Niki Lauda, Formula One World Champion racing driver, lectured fellow competitor from England, James Hunt, on risk management. Mr. Lauda states that he manages to a risk factor of 20 percent; any conditions that pro[...]

Letters to a young project manager: Second letter

"Power follows ideas, not position." Bennis. In project management, it is imperative to distinguish two roles: the role of manager (manager) and the role of leader. The two are complementary and necessary. The manager imparts his knowledge on how to optimize the resources of the [...]

PMI-Montreal is pleased to launch a new eblast format which will replace the Infolettre and Express !

Dear members and affiliated networks Starting November, you will be receiving our new e-blast, PMI-Montréal.Point. The second week of each month you will receive Montréal.Point PMI- on activities, a full schedule of events:  PMI Morning  and Evening Corporate Events and confer[...]

What Race Cars Can Teach Us About Projects

My last post on when to pull over a project to the side of the road generated much action on the Voices on Project Management Twitter feed. Here, I'll expand on that theme by highlighting the similarities in the makings of a race car and a successful project.   Today's race cars [...]