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Project Management, the Spearhead of Strategic Management

For Sun Tsu, Alexander the Great, Marc Aurele, Genghis Khan, Niccolo Machiavelli, Miyamoto Musashi, Carl von Clausewitz, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the General Colin Powell, the corner stone of a good strategy takes its ground in its Execution. For them, Strategy Formulation and Ex[...]

PMP Generation - Mathieu Labrèche, Project Manager, Cat-Amania

After graduation with a Masters in Project Management from the School of Management (ESG UQAM) in 2015, Mathieu held for two years the position of project manager at the National Bank of Canada. Through this experience, he deepened his knowledge and acquired concrete workplace ex[...]

Aliki on the Road : Bogota: Coffee, Community and the other C word.

When you think of Colombia, what first comes to mind?...Yeah, me too. The word pops up in every conversation, it starts with a C and rhymes with “eruption”. Colombia has had an often violent history, marked with guerilla warfare and drugs. But this picture of the country is far [...]

PMP Generation – Jeanne Estelle Thébault, Dagher Consulting Services

As a project management expert, what keeps you up at night? Not much keeps me up at night! What annoys me is when nobody speaks up about a problem, and consequently the team acts like we'll be able to deliver on time and on budget without anyone actually believing it. Transparenc[...]