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Project Management: At the Core of Québec’s Development

Professionals and speakers will convene to discuss some of Québec’s great achievements and new project management practices in a wide array of fields such as aeronautics, architecture, aviation, biodiversity, bicycle design, computer science, health, sports, freight transportatio[...]

The Montréal-Trudeau Airport expansion project

What does the project to enlarge the international jetty involve?   Philippe Rainville: It’s the last phase of a program to modernize and enlarge Montréal-Trudeau Airport, which we began about 15 years ago. It’s a $250-million project, which brings the total amount invested by AD[...]

Use Project Management To Build A Better World

 PMWB has been hard at work with other humanitarian organizations such as Engineers without Borders and SCL Health to demonstrate the benefits of project management for their project operations. Just this last year PMWB worked with SCL Health to better plan, prepare and manage a[...]

PhD Research - Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Resilience

After clicking on the link below you will be directed to our questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to complete.As a thank you, we are happy to inform you that we will provide a report on your score and also we will have a lottery for our participants to win books on leadersh[...]

Worldwide PMO Survey for a MBA research

My name is Ricardo Naciff, a MBA candidate at University of Lyon, in France. Even if the Project Management Office is not a quite new cross-functional management structure, its worldwide deployment and operation mode is very varied. No two single PMOs were implemented and operat[...]