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How to become a Project Manager

  We have often heard the job search itself referred to as a Catch 22.  They want a Project Manager with a PMP, but you need experience to get your PMP, so the project management job feels out of reach. PMI-Montréal is fortunate to be surrounded by members and professionals who [...]

PMP Generation : Laurent-Olivier Martin, MPM Project Coordinator – Sydney, Australia

  While in Sydney, I was hired by MoveCorp, a project management consulting firm, specialising in transition and relocation management. Among the projects I helped steer were the relocation of the UNSW Faculty of Sciences and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's move to down[...]

BREAKING NEWS PMI-Montréal takes on the issues keeping project managers awake at night!

    Each theme and speaker was carefully chosen based on the project management nightmares expressed by members during the silent brainstorm session at the last Symposium.      The concept : participants were asked to use a coloured post-it and write their professional traini[...]

A Tour Not of This World

  Even just standing in their lobby is impressive; the rotunda with floor to ceiling windows and sunroof where the blue cloudless sky peaked through, complete with hanging replicas of the 2 RADARSAT satellites, gives the impression of being in a cosmos. We met with Isabelle Tremb[...]

40 years, celebrated from up high!

  The #MTLGO exposition, the terrace and the PVM observatory floors were filled with project managers, PMI-Montréal employees and volunteers alike, who together contribute to the ongoing success of the chapter. As Benoît Lalonde, President since 2010 noted, “it is with pride toni[...]