PMP Generation

PMP Generation - Pascal Villeneuve, Eng., Project Manager – Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc.

As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night? The lack of on our projects.   What led you to pursue a career in project management? Projects allow me to achieve great things but above all to meet extraordinary people who allow me to learn every d[...]

PMP Generation - Nicolas Chabot, Eng., MPM, PMP, Project Management Professional at CIMA+

Working as a project management professional in the industrial sector where expectations and constraints are high, Nicolas distinguishes himself by his rigorous monitoring of costs and deadlines, the precision of his monthly reports, and his explanations of issues, risk manageme[...]

PMP Generation : Audrey Sirois MSc, PMP, Digital Communications Advisor at Hydro Québec

As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night? Not having a plan. It gives me nightmares. ;)   What would you like to see happen in the project management industry in 2019? What is your dream for project management in 2019? There are two things that I would[...]

Pablo Aceiton, PMP

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso-PUCV). As part of this program I was awarded a scholarship for an exchange program between my university in Chile and Lethbridge University in Canada. Through this experience, I lear[...]

Houda Ouraghi, PMP, Manager, Digital Channels and P&C Strategies, National Bank of Canada

  She is Senior Project Manager, Digital Channels/P&C at National Bank of Canada, where she supervises major transformational projects. Houda is driven by change; she is currently collaborating with National Bank’s transformation office on mandates concerning the cultural evolut[...]