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Research project: Project management in pandemic times

  The field of project management has been hit hard by this transformation of work. In the current pandemic context, several projects have continued their activities while respecting the standards of confinement and physical distance. Others had to slow down or even temporarily [...]

Preserving the world of tomorrow is a project

If you are following us on social media, you must have noticed that PMI-Montreal quickly implemented its crisis management plan and that ALL our activities are now offered remotely. Communities of practice, conferences, certification preparation courses offered by PMI-Montreal a[...]

PMI-Montreal supports its members in this new reality

Those of us who have families in hard-hit countries are anxious but reassured as technology allows us live news and instant communications. To think that our grandparents did not have this luxury and appreciate the technology that allows us this important contact with our social[...]

Project Management Ideas Worth Sharing

  To prepare us for the PMI marketing transformation that is ahead, I was lucky to participate in a preview of the type of audience and content PMI is currently exploring. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a brand many of us know well. With over 3,100 talks, it’s no [...]

French Speaking PMI: More than 15,000 members strong

PMI-Montréal wants to ensure that its members have a place at the table with PMI’s decisional powers. Strengthening PMI-Montréal’s position with the PMI Global Headquarters is made easier this past year with initiatives that are spurring conversations about the role of project pr[...]