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Think Global, Act Local

The third strategic axis is to bring the chapter closer to the global headquarters, with the goal of becoming a model for other chapters. By inspiring the best of ourselves to create change and motivate the next generation of skilled project managers, we are harnessing the energ[...]

PMP Generation - Laurent Bour, M. Sc., PMP, Manager, Portfolio Management, Desjardins Group

I have worked at Desjardins Securities, Bombardier Aerospace, Cirque du Soleil and the Société de Transport de Montréal. I am currently a Portfolio Management Manager at Desjardins Group. My career path has led me to speak at PMI Symposiums and breakfast meetings, be involved in[...]

Henri-Jean Bonnis, Eng., PMP, PRINCE2, Managing Director, Adsum Consulting Group

  As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night? The performance of my teams and the commitment of my project owners.   What would you like to see happen in the project management industry in 2019? What is your dream for project management in 2019? For deci[...]

Uncovering what makes Project Managers unique

  In order to maintain these high standards and ensuring that all our members understand the value of being a member, it is important for us to understand our members and their needs. At the end of 2018, PMI-Montréal sought out the services of a marketing agency to examine who a[...]

PMP Generation - Pascal Villeneuve, Eng., Project Manager – Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc.

As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night? The lack of on our projects.   What led you to pursue a career in project management? Projects allow me to achieve great things but above all to meet extraordinary people who allow me to learn every d[...]