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Determining the Value of Value

What exactly is value? A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®Guide) -- Fifth Edition suggests value is a concept unique to each organization and encompasses the total sum of all tangible and intangible value elements.    Determining the tangible ones is rela[...]

Stakeholder Victory, Without Battle

One of the clearest messages from The Art of War is the supremacy of strategy over tactics and tactics over reaction. Yet project teams spend most of their time reacting to stakeholders with a few tactical activities, such as report distribution and progress meetings. This appr[...]

Tailoring Communication for Top Stakeholders

Given the amount of work involved, most of your project communication efforts should focus on the stakeholders crucial to the success of your project. And this requires answering two key questions: Who are the most important stakeholders, and why are they important?    Determin[...]