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Letter to a young project manager: fifth letter

This fifth letter, which follows the fourth, written in 2014, is the answer to a reader’s query: how does a young project manager gain his colleagues’ trust in the work environment?   The young project manager, in this current article, is referred to affectionately as “the kid”. [...]

Fourth letter to a young project manager: The Siren's call

In ancient times, the siren song of mermaids was a symbol of sailors, who, seduced by the mermaids’ enchanting songs, made poor decisions, which led to them running their ships aground on the reefs. This metaphor applies perfectly in our era when a project manager seduced by his [...]

Letters to a young project manager: Third letter

  As we see only what we know, the young project manager must fine-tune his focus and recognize the circumstances of the project. There are two complementary models of leadership that can help you identify the elements and see them as they arise.   The Transactional leadership m[...]

Letters to a young project manager: Second letter

"Power follows ideas, not position." Bennis. In project management, it is imperative to distinguish two roles: the role of manager (manager) and the role of leader. The two are complementary and necessary. The manager imparts his knowledge on how to optimize the resources of the [...]

Letters to a young project manager: First letter

In the context of mentorship, one of the most difficult character traits to convey to a project manager relates to leadership. In this area of expertise, there is no better frame of reference than the WBS, well organized in managing earned value, the critical path, or risk manag[...]