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The Basics: Skills for a Successful Lessons Learned Session

Project professionals wear many hats. As writers, you prepare the project's charter to initiate the project. As leaders, you manage project teams. And as an accountant of sorts, you control the project budget.  To read more,  click to be redirected to Voices on Project Management[...]

First Steps Toward Recovery

In my previous post, I discussed points to help prevent problem projects. Here, I'll talk about what to do when you realize an existing project is headed for trouble.    To read more, click to be redirected to Voices on Project Management.

Getting Out of Trouble

Project trouble can hit from a blind spot, even though you tried as much as possible to prepare for issues. You did a risk analysis when you took the project on, and even tried to be ready to mitigate unknown issues.    To continue reading   , click to be redirected to the Voices[...]

Integrating Project Communications into Lessons Learned

Lessons learned sessions typically focus on project deliverables and budget. But I'd recommend adding project communications to the agenda of elements to review. Take a hard look at the communications plan and how well it worked. This process should include evaluating the stake[...]