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Project Management Ideas Worth Sharing

  To prepare us for the PMI marketing transformation that is ahead, I was lucky to participate in a preview of the type of audience and content PMI is currently exploring. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a brand many of us know well. With over 3,100 talks, it’s no [...]

Flexibility, Creativity and Change in Project Management

    It is a common recounting of how people became Project Managers that they started off somewhere completely different. Whether it’s with degrees in engineering, law, or sociology, the tools required to be successful at many of these roles often lead to project management. We[...]

Project management and your karmic outlook

  There were three questions I was asked everywhere I travelled in Sri Lanka: Where are you from?, Are you married?, and Where are you volunteering?     The first two questions were also asked in almost every country I visited; the solo female traveler is still a curi[...]

Are All Project Processes Created Equal?

  The time difference is now 12 hours. I’m as far from home as I can possibly be, and yet people from home still find me, thanks to the PMI community. I’m in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, just as PMI-Montreal member and 2016 Symposium speaker James Issam Mengad moves here with Adid[...]

Aliki on the Road : What Do Zebras Have To Do With Project Management?

   Landlocked due to wars with its neighbours, with less than 11 million people, and one of the largest indigenous populations in South America, Bolivia captivated me for the full 30 days of my tourist visa. What was originally a two week visit and a tour of the Uyuni salt flats [...]