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Aliki on the Road : What Do Zebras Have To Do With Project Management?

   Landlocked due to wars with its neighbours, with less than 11 million people, and one of the largest indigenous populations in South America, Bolivia captivated me for the full 30 days of my tourist visa. What was originally a two week visit and a tour of the Uyuni salt flats[...]

Aliki on the Road : Project Management Chapters and Communities in Peru: The password is “PMI”

  PMI to the Rescue! Within seconds my Whatsapp is on fire. I have been added to the PMI Peru speakers group and they are coordinating my location. There are two speakers in the Lima airport lounge at the very same moment. Minutes later I am sitting with Valeria from PMI Asuncio[...]

Aliki on the Road : Bogota: Coffee, Community and the other C word.

When you think of Colombia, what first comes to mind?...Yeah, me too. The word pops up in every conversation, it starts with a C and rhymes with “eruption”. Colombia has had an often violent history, marked with guerilla warfare and drugs. But this picture of the country is far [...]

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu...but I'll be back.

  This is more than just a pleasure trip for me, but an opportunity to meet with other PMI chapters around the world and learn how they highlight project mangement best practices in their countries. Project management as a means to improve lives and create social change is a pas[...]