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PMP Generation : Audrey Sirois MSc, PMP, Digital Communications Advisor at Hydro Québec

As a project management professional, what keeps you awake at night? Not having a plan. It gives me nightmares. ;)   What would you like to see happen in the project management industry in 2019? What is your dream for project management in 2019? There are two things that I would[...]

Flexibility, Creativity and Change in Project Management

    It is a common recounting of how people became Project Managers that they started off somewhere completely different. Whether it’s with degrees in engineering, law, or sociology, the tools required to be successful at many of these roles often lead to project management. We[...]

Judges needed for the IISE case competition

  The undergraduate students will have 3 hours to solve the provided case. Presentations will take place from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm with each having a duration of 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Afterwards, judges will have 30 minutes to discuss and choose the winning tea[...]

Evolving Into Managers of Change

The lessons we have learned, and sharing with extraordinary individuals from around the globe, allow us to make PMI-Montreal a better place for its members, and will bring us towards project management 2.0, if not 3.0. We need to evolve into managers of change. We discussed[...]

Boosting Employee Engagement on Your Next Project

  This company, which added almost 800 people to its team in 2013, lists its number one priority as attracting, developing, and engaging talent, keeping staff motivated with compensation and benefit programs, leadership development, and talent management. As noted in a study by S[...]