Governance of major public infrastructure projects has been studied for decades as an integral part of project management. Despite this interest in understanding the mechanisms and the complexities of these major projects, their execution still isn’t satisfactory in terms of performance. On the theoretical side, most studies on the subject have covered economic and institutional perspectives as well as quotas. Yet we still know very little on how stakeholders translate and apply governance frameworks in practice. This doctoral thesis aims to study how a governance framework of major public infrastructure projects translates into practice. The government of Quebec implemented a governance framework in 2008. The research studies multiple cases (specifically, four cases, each relating to major projects) under a Quebec government. The preliminary results of this research, based on main analysis strategies of anchored theorisation, will be presented during this lecture. The main goal of this study is to increase the understanding of project governance as it is applied in practice, and how it is translated and enacted by stakeholders (governance as a practice).


Maude Brunet, MGP and PMP, is a Ph.D. student in Administration (specializing in Project Management) from ESG at UQAM.

Her area of study covers the governance of major public infrastructure projects. She has nearly ten years of project management experience and was an administrator for PMI-Montreal from 2012 to 2013. She is currently a lecturer at ESG UQAM and is also very active with GP-Québec, a community of management practices of public projects in Quebec.