Conference 301 - Amplifier Montréal: La mise en action de constellations de partenaires pour favoriser l'impact

Amplifier Montréal wishes to transform Montréal into a more innovative, inclusive and resilient city. It seeks to amplify emerging or existing transformational initiatives, facilitate collaboration between the city’s segments (economic, social, cultural, etc.), and give voice to those who are often unheard. Ultimately, the aim is to make Montrealers prouder of a city they will have helped to create.

Lyndsay Daudier seeks to find ways to make cities more livable through inclusion. With a background in urban planning, law, and project management, she is a dot-connector creating innovating partnership through Amplifier Montréal a mouvement within The Maison de l’innovation sociale - MIS (Social Innovation Centre). She aims to bring together entrepreneurs, citizens, academics, technology experts and investors across the province of Quebec with the purpose of maximizing the collective impacts of initiatives for equitable and sustainable development.