Workshop 104 - Gérer la capacité de l’organisation à réaliser ses ambitions


Ever felt like your organization had great projects, all equally interesting, but that you could not figure out how it could do all of this at the same time? As changes occur and the day-to-day work demands remain as high, releasing the capacity to realize and implement projects is a major challenge for managers. Do you feel the organization is flooded? That each change in itself makes sense but that when you add them up, it does not make sense any more? That everyone is aware that the organization is drowning under too much work but that, being unable to demonstrate it, we continue holding our breath... we press the lemon!

Beyond perceptions, you must find a way to clearly identify and put into words capacity issues so that they can be addressed and to ensure that the organization can achieve everything it undertakes. Overloading the organization puts all its projects at risk. Better concentrate on a few and deliver and integrate them successfully without cost overruns often due to unmanaged capacity issues. A realistic workload will allow the organization to maintain its operations and realize the expected benefits of each project. The first part of the workshop will establish what we mean by managing capacity and the consequences of not doing it. You will then have the opportunity to build a case to defend the need to manage the capacity with Sr Management in order to successfully realize and implement projects that deliver the expected value. You will do so by experimenting a number of simple tools through a series of exercises.

Come discover simple but very effective tools to help you successfully implement and deploy projects in the organization without exhausting your people.


Manon Champagne, President and cofounder, A+ Transition inc.

Manon Champagne is president and cofounder of Aplustransition, a consulting partner that supports organizations in their business transformation so that they can successfully execute their business transformations with more agility, less chaos, higher employee engagement and sustainable results. She has codevelopped DO-IT, Aplustransition’s change framework with all the tools and supporting workshops and training sessions on change and transformation management. Over and above her important role in the management of the business, she also acts as a strategic consultant, speaker and trainer. Ms Champagne is renown for her engagement, her dynamism, her leadership et her ability to support all membres of an organization through changes. She holds a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Monash Mount Eliza Business School in Australia as well as a Licence in Applied Economics from l’Institut d’Administration et de Gestion (IAG) at l’Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.