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CdP Disciplined Agile - Impact of Data Visualization on Stakeholder Engagement

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17 avril 2024

18H00 - 19H30

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1.5 pdus
Ways of Working


This presentation explores the impact of data visualization, with a focus on Power BI and Agile metrics, on stakeholder engagement. It emphasizes the role of these tools in simplifying complex data, aligning with Agile principles, and fostering transparent, data-driven decision-making. Real-world examples, best practices, and measurement methods will equip attendees to implement these strategies effectively, enhancing stakeholder relationships and Agile project management.



The presentation aims to enhance stakeholder engagement in Agile projects through effective data visualization using Power BI, showcasing practical strategies and real-world examples.


Vitor Takacs, Agile Consultant at CGI


Vitor Takacs is an esteemed Agile consultant with a rich background in data analysis and automation, boasting over seven years of experience across the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada. His expertise in implementing Agile methodologies in both technical and non-technical fields has made him a notable figure in the industry. Vitor's approach is uniquely practical, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, making his strategies both innovative and effective.

A veteran of diverse organizational cultures, Vitor excels in tailoring Agile practices to various industry needs. His sessions provide a blend of comprehensive Agile knowledge and actionable insights, offering attendees valuable tools for project efficiency and enhanced stakeholder engagement.


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